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  • Stimulus Checks Round 2

    President Donald Trump has signed the stimulus package. Here's what that means:

    Stimulus Checks: The new stimulus package will provide a one-time stimulus check of $600 for each eligible individual based on the same income limitations for the first stimulus check, which is a 2019 income less than $75,000 for each individual and $150,000 for each married or joint filer. Eligible dependents 16 and younger can qualify for $600 stimulus checks, while married and joint filers can get $1,200.

    Unemployment Insurance: The new stimulus package includes $300 a week for enhanced unemployment insurance.

    Rental Assistance: The stimulus package includes $25 billion of rental assistance to protect vulnerable Americans who are at risk of losing their home. There is also a one-month extension of the federal eviction moratorium.

    Additional Benefits: The stimulus package also includes funding for the Paycheck Protection Program ($284 billion), education ($82 billion), child care ($10 billion), clean energy and fossil fuels, and vaccine distribution, among other benefits.

    Crystal Tusi | 12/30/2020

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